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Discussion in 'IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ' started by administrator, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Oct 7, 2016
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    Welcome to our forum!

    Please read through, and familiarise yourself with, our rules before posting in the forum.

    First and foremost, this is a community-based platform that we hope will be used in a friendly and caring manner to improve the health and mindset of its users. As such, there are several rules that must be observed to maintain a positive and helpful environment.

    Should any of the rules listed below be broken, you will be removed from all Bladder and Bowel Community Forums.

    We operate a three strike system with the forum. Strikes one and two will incur a formal warning, and if the rules are broken a third time, then users may find that they have been permanently banned from the Bladder and Bowel Community Forum.

    Moderator discretion will be used in cases of particularly bad behaviour. Any form of aggressive and abusive bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and could result in an immediate ban.

    Users will receive a warning (and may have posts removed) for the following:
    • Making negative generalisations about bladder or bowel conditions.
    • Entering a discussion to belittle or discredit someone.
    • Posting medically dangerous information. (i.e. telling users to alter medication dosage, and/or ignore their healthcare professional).
    • Using our forum as a method to solicit users without seeking prior approval from the moderators.
    • Disclosing personal information of others without their permission.
    • Thread hijacking.
    • Publicly disclosing content from private messages without the sender's consent.
    Users will be banned immediately for the following:
    • Creating accounts purely for advertising products or websites, trolling or spamming.
    • Posting grotesque and/or offensive content
    • Posting infected files/malware including keyloggers, viruses, trojans etc.
    Users will need to keep the following in mind:
    • Our forum is for both bladder and bowel conditions. We have set groups across our forum and are happy to add more! Please contact us with any thoughts and ideas
    • Diet is a sensitive topic. Please be considerate to other people’s diet choices.
    • We do allow links to be posted around the forum but keep in mind that if they are not relevant, they may be removed.
    • The forum is about supporting and learning from each other.Do not start posts that you know will be contentious.
      • Come here with an open mind, read the posts. If you don't agree with something then ignore it or ask constructive questions.
      • If you have questions about your condition, then ask on the open forum.
    REMEMBER: we do not give medical advice. If you give advice, it is through your own experience or a link to a reputable site external to the forum.

    Additional Notes/Clauses:

    If threads are going off-topic, posts may be edited and/or removed. Please try and keep threads on-topic. If you have additional questions, start a new thread - you can tag the user you want to talk to! Posts edited or deleted will be replaced with the text: 'Message edited/deleted by moderator'.
    Administrators reserve the right to ban members f at their discretion.
    Moderator decisions are final. Criticism of moderators and forum monitors will not be tolerated. Things may be discussed via PM, but members will be suspended for personal attacks.

    Any complaints or queries about the forum must be directed to an administrator via private message - any threads or posts of such a nature are subject to be closed and/or deleted without warning or explanation. Alternatively, email support@bladderandbowelfoundation.org

    Our Forum is helping people improve their understanding and management of Bladder or Bowel conditions - regardless of type. By connecting and engaging people, their health may noticeably improve.
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